Top 3 Reasons To Donate Your Usable Clothing and Household Items

Why Donate?

Top 3 Reasons to donate your usable clothing and household items to local nonprofit organizations:

1. De-Cluttering & Organizing Your Space !

When people clean out their closets, cabinets, garages and other personal space areas, it can provide an overall better sense of well-being and a sense of peace. Even one bag of donations makes a HUGE difference! Donating is the ultimate form of recycling. Start purging today… it’s a great habit to adopt!

2. Giving Back LOCALLY Makes a Difference to Others!

It’s very gratifying to give to those in need. There are many local nonprofit organizations that offer FREE PICK UPS from your home! One’s person clutter is another person’s treasure. Help improve the lives of people in our community.

3. Tax Benefits!

The tax benefits can be a good reason to donate. Most charitable acts are given tax rebates by governments all around the world and it is a good way to save up on some taxable income too.

Here are a few resources for donations:

Clothing Donations.Org
1-888-518-VETS (8387)

Dress for Success
Check website for local drop off locations

Donate to Goodwill

Big Brothers Big Sisters
1-877-336-8828 (Free home pick ups)

Red Cross

Salvation Army

You can also donate to any local church in your community!